Officina Floreale

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“After women, flowers are the most lovely thing God has given the world“
Christian Dior

I have chosen the flowers I like most and the most distinguishing of Officina Floreale’s style.

We need beauty and simplicity in life, and flowers with their poetry represent all this.

Through our proposals, we would like to embrace you, to be present in your convivial moments or simply in your houses. Flowers create the atmosphere and speak about us.

A purchase must be first for oneself and not only to be offered, for a smile and the joyness that the colours of flowers are able to bring.

By purchasing through our Flower Concierge, you will receive at your home, thanks to our qualified staff, elegant bouquets and compositions which are inspired by nature and made with high-quality materials and freshness.

In our compositions, which are created with seasonal flowers, the flower is the main character.